A total of 40 players board the ship for an awesome large scale game!


All players are allocated on arrival into 4 teams. Each team consists of the descendants of the 4 people who initially stole the treasure of Captain E.Glow. The 4 teams compete against each other while team members co-operate to help their team reach the Goals first.


The main goal of the game is to find the mythical treasure trove. In the meanwhile are several goals that which ever team reaches


Unknown waters 1718, 

A company of 4 people plan to steal the treasure of Captain E.Glow the mightiest pirate of all and manage to succeed on what would be the greatest heist of the time. Captain E.Glow unleashed a manhunt for revenge, so they decided to hide the treasure on an uncharted island. 

The secret of the location was split in four. 

Athens today, 

Descendants of the 4 accomplices are informed, that the time is right to discover the treasure. Explorers, Shipowners, Sailors and Pirates take part on an open sea adventure to find one of the greatest treasure of all times. 

Who will discover the mythical treasure trove first ?